Monday, May 5, 2008

We simply can't wait. - Billy Cook

From a 3/2008 post from Billy Cook:

All, Pray all is well with you I attended the funeral for Derrius Walton, a 2006 Lake Taylor HS grad, killed in Arizona last week while at Junior College. He was shot after an confrontation with another young man, I believe also African American. Here's an indicator of the work we have todo....There were over 750 people at this young man's funeral. My wife taught him in Middle School. She also taught three other of his siblings and had me driving them around town or buying them something they might have needed forschool or for one of their children. After the funeral, while waiting behind the church in my car with my wife,son and friend, a young African American male in an adjoining neighborhood holds up a gun and fires off about 5-6 shots from what sounded like a small caliber handgun. One of the young men at the funeral goes in his trunk and gets a gun and starts to go after the other young man who had walked off by now. Fortunately he was held by a number of others. This is the time we are living in. I am reading MLK's Why we can't Wait and understand what he is talking about when he talks about the damage to the "spririt" of our youth.This is what we are dealing with! The last time I was in that church was for the funeral of a young man killed in Coleman Place, Dennis Johnson. I initially felt a sense of sorrow in the large group but afterwards I felt more of a sense of a anger, abandonment and "get back". Again, the wrong spirit to be rampant in our community. We can't wait to speak loudly collectively about what is happening in our community,whether it is outside our homes or in Phoenix Arizona. We can't wait to do something....we simply can't wait!

Billy Cook
If you are intrested in becoming involved in local events/movements to improve your community contact Billy..... We simply can't wait.
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Brother OMi said...

i agree
we have so much work to do on so many levels...