Friday, May 9, 2008

A disease far worst than HIV

Death in the Air

Pestilence and plagues over radio waves
It’s a spiritual disaster
It’s worse than AIDS

“A record number of teenagers and young adults attended the HIP HOP 4 HIV Know Your Status concert at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX. . . . Rapper Bun B passed out condoms during his performance. Others who were featured at the event included Houston native Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, David Banner, and UGK along with local artists” (Excerpt from August 27, 2007 Jet, page 58).

We as human beings really think we are slick. We have gotten too smart for our own good. We think that we can solve every problem, cure every sickness, and do whatever we want to do without worries of consequences. When will we understand that the battles that we really need to win are spiritual, not carnal?

The fact of the matter is the people that attended and left that concert are all infected with a disease far worst than HIV. These people are living with unrepentant hearts. They now have a false sense of security that they can continue to have premarital sex as long as they “wrap it up.” Ladies can be promiscuous and not have to worry about pregnancy as long as they take their birth control. And if they do happen to conceive a child, they have the option of killing the child.

These young people have also suffered from severe exposure to deadly levels of spiritual radiation. The lyrics they rocked to at this “positive” event are killing spiritual cells at an alarming rate. They heard UGK exclaim,” My b#@ch a choosey lover, never f*%k without a rubber / Never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover, in their new single, “International Players Anthem.” They heard Lil’ Wayne say, “Fresher than a mother fu@#er, yep I'm a mother fu&*er,” in his single, “Pop Bottles.” They heard David Banner sing, “shove 9 inches of d!@k in 99 hoes yall, from his hit single, “Speaker.” They listen to Kelly Rowland praise the thugs: Rock your Timbs / sag your jeans / Ice your grill, it's all good with me / Hit your block, check your spot / If the block is hot, lay up in the spot (baby) / Roll your dice, get your cash / I'm a down shawty, you ain't gotta ask. These lyrics come from her new single, “Ghetto.”

These young people were tested for an HIV, and then they were told to live a lifestyle that puts them at risk. When will we wake up! What good is a healthy body with a sick spirit? Whether healthy or hurting, we all will return to the earth. While I do believe that we should definitely take care of our bodies because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we must understand that the spirit does not die. Therefore, the condition of the spirit is of the utmost importance. When we focus on our spiritual health, we learn how to please God with our spirits AND our bodies. When we are spiritually healthy, we don’t have to worry about STD’s and disease. However, physical health does not necessarily mean spiritual health. We can look and feel great and end up eternally miserable. Have you had your spirit checked lately?

We implore you to share your thoughts with us, but more important, we hope you discuss this with your friends, children, co-workers, and neighbors. Forward this letter, and pass it on. Shedding light on these topics is the first step to tearing down the stronghold of the enemy.

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Brother OMi said...

good points. i do see the hypocrisy of it all.

here is the problem though: (and trust me I hate to admit this, i really do)

folks aren't going to come to an event like that unless folks like Bun B and others who are like him are there.

If I asked KRS One and Dead Prez to show up, we probably wouldn't have the same turnout than if we had the folks mentioned above.

It's sad but true.

That is the mindset we need to change FIRST.

apostle said...


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