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Is Disney promoting Dominate/Subservient relationships for people of color ?

ABC/Disney Does Not Promote Interracial Relationships, But Dominate/Subservient Relationships

For several decades, ABC/Disney has knowingly promoted a racist propaganda on their media channels and continue to do so with a sense of impunity. Over and over, ABC/Disney have been promoting the media image of a White male in a relationship with a woman of color and this is a racist media practice known as “grooming”. In this article we are going to explain the practice of grooming, how ABC/Disney practice it and our initiative to bring what ABC/Disney is doing to light and how to confront ABC/Disney on this racist media practice.
What Is Grooming?
Let’s have a quick discussion about interracial relationships and ABC/Disney portrayal of interracial relationships. First of all, interracial relationships are extremely minute and insignificant and overhyped – the overwhelming majority of people are dating and marrying among their ethnic lines. However, the majority of interracial relationships that do occur are based on mutual love and rising above each other physical attributes, a beautiful thing that no one can argue.
ABC/Disney do not and have not and appears to have any plans to show any portrayal of interracial relationships based on love. Because if ABC/Disney was truly being honest and wanted to show the true picture of interracial relationships, it would be between a Black man and a White/Jewish woman. This is your biggest giveaway to date as ABC/Disney has never showed this realistic portrayal of interracial relationships that match reality.
However, what ABC/Disney has displayed over the years is a racist portrayal of a White male having dominate interracial relationship with a subservient woman of color. This has been done on Disney cartoons such as the Princess and the Frog to various Disney Channel TV series to ABC primetime programming. The problem and the reason why ABC/Disney was able to get away with this extreme racism with a sense of impunity is because no one really defined or understand what ABC/Disney was doing. What ABC/Disney was doing was a racist practice called “grooming” and let’s explain further.
Grooming is the racist media programming of one ethnic group trying to assert their dominance over another ethnic group (usually a minority) by targeting their women. Another term many people are familiar with is droit du seigneur. Germany has done this with Jewish women prior to World War II and this practices been done since the beginning of civilization in both Egypt and Roman times. You don’t just take another ethnicity of minority women when oppressing them, what you do is present yourself as the superior man to the ethnic minority women so they can choose you based on materialism/false sense of power over their own man from their own tribe.
What is the Agenda behind Grooming?
The overall goal of grooming is to perform passive genocide through propaganda with the sinister goal of breeding out the minority race within a few generations. In fact, this was part of the Native American assimilation process by Americans during the early 1900s and late 1800s by Whites marrying Native American women and devalue the Native American male – this is real and documented. So we know and it is established that this grooming is a real practice rooted in genocide propaganda and is a racist act. In fact, we are seeing new strands of “assimilation” talk leveraged towards the growing Hispanic and Asian base and creating strategies to see how to apply White male dominance to Hispanic, Indian and Asian women in media programming.
I will be honest, I do not know what ABC/Disney agenda is and what the hell are they thinking because it stupid and ineffective. The best theory I heard is ABC/Disney want to show and reinforce a racist narrative of dominance by White men over women of color here in America. Noticed the goal is not to show Martin Luther King, Jr vision of Black boys and White girls holding hands saying free at last – the goal of ABC/Disney is to show a racist image of a White male having his way with a woman of color who is part of a minority race in his country.
How to Detect Grooming by ABC/Disney
It is extremely easy to detect the racist grooming pattern by ABC/Disney and in fact, it is so predictable also. Let’s explain how you can reveal ABC/Disney grooming practices.
Suppressing Portrayal of Men of Color Having Relations with White Women.This is the biggest giveaway because the racist doctrine of the White woman on a pedestal who cannot be touched by others is evident in the programming. A huge percentage of real-world interracial relationships are between Black men or other men of color with White women or other cultures. ABC/Disney has no history of showing a Black male having a dominate lead in an interracial relationship with a White woman and this is proof they preserving a racist doctrine instead of accepting reality.
Promoting Portrayal of Women of Color Having Subservient Relations with White Men. In order for a successful interracial relationship to succeed among American women, the relationship has to be mutual and usually involves dual income households. To put it real simple, most women of color in an interracial relationship are working class and independent women and are not subservient and cannot be subservient to survive in their career in the real world. However, ABC/Disney portray these Black women or other women of color as needing or desiring or curious about White men and answers to these White men in some shape or form.
ABC/Disney suppresses images of men of color dating White women but promote images of women of color having relations with White men and this is proof enough ABC/Disney is engaged in grooming, a racist propaganda practice to passively encourage genocide.
What to Do About ABC/Disney Grooming Practice?
Many people believe if they target ABC/Disney then they won’t be able to go to Disneyland anymore. However, what ABC/Disney is engaged in should not be tolerated and there should an outrage against what ABC/Disney doing to the level of ABC/Disney executives losing their jobs, advertisers pulling their ads and shows being cancelled or rewritten. Again, we have to stress that ABC/Disney is not engaged in portraying interracial relationships but portraying White male dominant fantasy over women of color.
We brothas and sistas have to work together and work in force to deal with ABC/Disney. The first thing we can do is write ABC/Disney directly and tell them that we believe they are practicing grooming and advise them this is a racist practice that should be stopped immediately. In addition, we CC a copy of the letter to social responsibility advocates and put them on notice so we can claim they ignored us when we informed them.
The second thing we do is lodge a complaint with the FCC regarding all of ABC/Disney affiliates who broadcast this racist grooming propaganda. Any local broadcaster that continue to broadcast for example the Atlanta and Chicago ABC stations knowing a significant population is African-American need to be addressed with the FCC.
Then we move on the advertisers of ABC/Disney who advertise on these shows that promote grooming which is essentially racism. We have to educate everybody involved in what the practice ABC/Disney doing it and we also have to iterate over and over the same point – ABC/Disney does not promote interracial relationships but promote White male dominance over women of color and make sure everybody knows the difference.
But what is really important is brothas and sistas need to come out in force and I’m taking both with the pen and the sword, don’t play with these people because like I said, this is not interracial relationships, this is propaganda to promote long term genocide. In fact, ABC/Disney portrayal is a false depiction of interracial relationships and promotes White superiority, not colorblind love. For too long, ABC/Disney has engaged in this activity and it’s time for brothas and sistas to step up and not just call ABC/Disney out but deal with them – no one should be plotting genocide against us no matter how passive it is and we just sitting here allowing that ish to happen.

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