Sunday, March 16, 2008


Is It True ? (What they say about Black People )

Online book for teens of Afrikan descent (click above for a FREE copy):

This is the question that is asked in the new success guide geared toward black teenagers and their parents. The book, Is It True What They Say About Black People?, is designed to teach black teenagers to critically think about the messages they are receiving from society and the media.

Are black people lazy? Are black people always late? Are black people more violent than other races? Are the wealthiest black people in sports and music? The answers appear obvious; unfortunately, many black teenagers regardless of economic or social status buy into negative stereotypes about their race which in turn negatively affects their path in life. What causes these misperceptions to be seen as truth? Parents, society, and the media all play a role in the development of a child. A study was featured in Essence magazine in March of 2005 proving that one of the strongest influences on perceptions and opinions of teenagers is the media. In a world where teenagers consume messages pertaining to black people from radio, TV, movies, and the internet, most messages about black people are negative. The result is far too many young black men want to be players and pimps. In addition, many young black women are buying into the idea of being eye candy for "the player," focusing far too much on superficial things like expensive clothes, jewelry, and having "baby daddies" instead of fathers for their children. Some black children even believe going to prison is a rite-of-passage and carrying a gun makes you a man.

The information found in the pages of this book will equip black children and their parents with the tools to decipher stereotypes from facts and hype from reality. The book is intended to spark conversations between Black teenagers and adults about what is true about their race. will inform our kids about the new slavery and why our black boys are signing up to be slaves. The book will also break down the real reason for school, "It's not all about A's and B's." As a child reads through the pages of this book, he or she will be given the tools to beat peer pressure, achieve in school, and be a leader. Reviews for the book have been amazing.

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