Monday, February 25, 2008

Black History & Stupidity

It's becoming to be really stupid now. I attended another Black History program to hear another so-called educated person of Afrikan (Spelled consciously with a 'k') descent say "They give us the shortest, coldest, rainiest month to celebrate us.." and while most of the others laughed I sat silent and embarrassed. If this has ever come out of your lips stop saying that piece of trash immediately and apologize to The Honorable Carter G. Woodson and his supporters (Many were his Omega Psi Phi fraternity brothers) for your act of dishonor. Carter G. Woodson (May his memory be a blessing) began with a single day, which grew to a week, and then into a month to observe the historical acts completed by people of African descent. This ancestor stated "Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history." and then created something to act as a stairwell for the world, and we have the nerve to minimize those efforts and then give the honor to "They" as in "They give us the shortest......" Who is 'They' ? Why are some of us giving the honor to 'They' instead of Carter G. Woodsoon (MHMBAB). If you don't want to credit the beloved ancestor then give the credit to the all-mighty GOD for allowing the ancestor to offer the world a light out of the ignorance. Lastly the historical information that the ancestor taught in these first observances were not limited to the accomplishments of Blacks in the United States of America solely. We are a global people, we have improved the globe. Act like 'we' know !
Seko VArner
President, The Imani Foundation.
Sparking the Black Improvement Movement !

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Brother OMi said...

all i can say is ASE to that.
Woodson started it all , dummies.