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Black-majority nations in the world - an excerpt from Chapter 2 of FUTURENOMICS - Kedi Adu

(Photo: American Spoken Word Artist and Social & Cultural Revolutionary Queen Sheeba sporting attire that strongly affirms that she is a BLACK person, or a person of African descent.)

Let's build a tremendous future together. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of FUTURENOMICS: The Grass is Greener on Both Sides of the Border:

Black-Majority Nations Outside of Africa

There are today more than 70 Black-majority nations in the world, more than 20 of these groupings outside of Africa. This number looms even larger as we consider that many Pacific Islander nations are majority-populated by Melanesians and Papuans, both of whom are of predominantly African genetic heritage, their genetic roots being mixed with Asian and European voyagers in recent centuries. Culturally, many Pacific Islanders have retained significant resemblance to root African social patterns. 

(photo: Native Hawaiians who were instrumental in popularizing the sport of surfing.

Twenty western hemisphere nations, several of them territorial protectorates of the U.K, U.S. and Netherlands, have Black-majority populations ranging from as high as Haiti's 95% to a majority Black/mixed Brazil with 50.7%. Toward our aim of creating robust transnational relationships with national populations whose cultural heritage most closely matches our own, creating deeper economic ties with these nations would be a bold and productive strategic move.

These twenty western hemispheric nations with Black-majority populations are:
• Anguilla - 85.3%
• Antigua & Barbuda - 87.3%
• Bahamas - 90.6%
• Barbados - 92.4%
• Bermuda - 53.8%
• Brazil - 50.7% Mulatto (mixed black/white) and Black
• British Virgin Islands - 76.3%
• Cayman Islands - 60% (includes creole mixed)
• Curacao – “Afro-Caribbean majority”
• Dominica - 86.6%
• Grenada - 82.4%
• Haiti - 95%
• Jamaica - 92.1%
• Montserrat - 88.4%
• St. Kitts & Nevis - 92.7%
• Saint Lucia - 85.3%
• Saint Marten - Majority Creole (mixed black/white) and Black
• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 66%
• Turks and Caicos Islands - 87.6%
• Virgin Islands (US) - 76%

On the African continent there are five countries identified as Arab Maghreb (Includes Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia), four of which are of “Berber” majority populations; considered a mix of predominantly Arabs, Blacks and Mediterranean. Of these Maghreb nations only one, Mauritania has a 70% black majority. Egypt, which is not listed as a Maghreb partner, has a dominant population that does not consider themselves “black Africans,” referring to themselves simply as “Egyptian.” The genetic mix of modern Egypt includes an ancient blend of Arab, Mediterranean, Black African and western Asia.

There is a large population dispersed across the Pacific Ocean region inhabiting regions of island groupings called Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia. From visual as well as genetic evidence of their ethnicity, we can determine that a number of these Pacific Islanders are essentially African with ancient origins dating back 50,000 years and quite likely much earlier. 

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