Thursday, August 28, 2014

#Recall4Mike Recall for Mike - Activism that needs to happen


Tariq Nasheed discusses the #recall4mike movement @ 26:24 of the below podcast

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Get active & Stay active:
I am emboldened by all the good game Tariq keeps spitting, he and others like him are our "Black CNN"
Ferguson website (notice the "Request" button)
City Council members
Kim Anita Tihen's email address (the former female officer sued for police brutality)
owns property @ 806 Hudson Road Ferguson, MO 63135
according to
Mayor James Knowles
Keith Kallstrom
David Conway
Tim Larson
Mark J. Byrne
Dwayne T. James (The "One at a time" negro, for those who remember that show)
10 to 1 all of these assholes own businesses that we and others can boycott
Oh yeah, this is the Governor's website also:

This is the website of Robert P. McCulloch, the ST. LOUIS COUNTY non-PROSECUTING ATTORNEY,
He has an email address:
phone number: (314) 615-2600
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