Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas onto your credit card might be the Anti-Christ - Seko Varner

To celebrate Christmas, many believers did something the Bible teaches it's readers not to do...... Go into debt. Putting Christmas onto your credit card might be the Anti-Christ.

!!! Happy New Year !!!

    I decided to wait to make this post until after the Holy-Day & Holiday season.Just a few weeks ago many placed themselves into debt to celebrate Christmas and gift giving. Credit cards and the ease of borrowing has made it easy for 'Christians' to use credit in a manner which is fundamentally obverse to the teachings of the Bible..... I've decided to call 'debt' the 'Anti-Christ'. Plainly put, the Bible and other Holy books of guidance direct their followers to avoid debt. Putting Christmas onto your credit card could be construed as doing the exact opposite of the holy teachings. Putting Christmas onto your credit card might be the Anti-Christ.

Let that marinate for about 11 months........I'll join you in that consideration. Why not take a look at the below Michelle Singletary video or visit Dave Ramsey's site while marinating.
     Last year my business partner Brian Cooper and I began a series of presentations called The Plan which was based upon our lessons from being agents of World Financial Group, our studies of Michelle Singletary and Dave Ramsey's plans, and other personal financial plans. In late February we will be releasing a FREE video of the entire presentation. Until then, enjoy below a slide from the presentation.
Here's more info':

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