Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Afro-Boricua History in Superbowl XLVI

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Christina Aguilera
The Super Bowl party that I attended in the Bronx was one of millions that took place across the country. The parties, the parade and all the Hoopla is over, but the history of this game will be forever recorded in the history books, especially the Latino Sports history book.

Very few fans, including Latino fans knew that history would be made giving us many more reasons to celebrate after the NFC Champions, NY Giants defeated the AFC Champs, New England Patriots 21- 17. The game was a nail biter up to the last few seconds when Tom Brady threw a 65-yard "Hail Mary" that did not create the miracle intended, but gave the New York Fans reason to party.
If you're a Latino Giants, or Patriots fan, you should be proud that our community made NFL history by having two Latino stars play against each other in this XLVI Super Bowl. 

However,Aaron Hernández of the Patriots and Victor Cruz of the NY Giants did something else that will make the Latino NFL history books.
Here are a few other historic pieces of information that will be recorded in our Latino Sports History Books? They are the following.

1. The first touchdown of the game was scored in the first quarter by Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz to give the giants the lead 9 -3.

2. For the first time, Salsa was danced at a Super Bowl game when Cruz showed his Salsero steps after scoring his touchdown.

3. Aaron Hernández of the Patriots became the second Puerto Rican to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game. His came in the second quarter to give the Patriots the lead, 17 - 9.

4. Both Victor Cruz and Aaron Hernández became the first two Puerto Rican's to not only play against each other in a Super Bowl game, but to also score touchdowns as well.

5. This was the first time that a Puerto Rican Flag was displayed by an NFL player in a Super Bowl event. Victor Cruz proudly waved the island nations flag in a media-day press conference.

So Latinos and in particular, Puerto Ricans should be proud that the NFL has now been officiallybautizada con estrellas de sangre Caribeña.

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