Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Schooled - Daddy doesn't take points.

Daddy doesn't take points. 
The wifey' has developed a point system to address the sun-son's third grade transition. Whenever he makes a 'bad choice' he looses points. At the beginning of the week he begins with 100 points. I've smiled and been very supportive of the process and have reminded him to make sure his behavior doesn't result in a loss of points from his mother.

I didn't realize that he had noticed that I hadn't used the point system in my guiding interactions with lil' man. He shared with my wifey' "Daddy doesn't take points. Maybe you should teach him how..." One morning I reminded him of his morning duties prior to taking my shower. As I finished getting dressed I checked-in on the lil' ones to ensure progress. I didn't hear the lil' ones upstairs so I traveled downstairs meeting my son at the bottom of the stairs with a surprised look on his face. "Did you clean your floor and make your bed son ?" He said "Uh....No Dad." I asked "Didn't I ask you to do your morning duties ?". He took one step up the stairs and turned around looking at me and returned "You really need to learn how to take away points Dad." I looked up responding "I don't take points, I give spankings." He ran up the stairs, did his duties, did his sister's duties, and turned off the lights in my room........Amen......Ashee.....

Seko Varner
'Sunday Schooled' is a collection of blog posts from Seko Varner's former blogs. This post was dated 10/26/2008 while Seko's father, Rev. Dr. Samuel Varner was alive. 
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