Friday, June 25, 2010

Colored patriots of the American Revolution

Colored patriots of the American Revolution by
William Nell & Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Anonymous said...

I once saw a historical special which claimed that most Blacks in the American colonies were actually Loyalists (on the British side). There are even a group of their descendants in some parts of Canada.

Lisa Noel said...
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Lisa Noel said...

I'd be interested in the special you're referring to. It is true that Lord Dunmore's proclamation motivated "enslaved" persons of color to runaway, however Free-born persons of color, MANY with roots dating back to the Angolans of Jamestown, willingly volunteered with regiments across every colony. Let's be clear...early on Gen. Washington ONLY allowed "Free blacks" to muster under him, he did not allow "enslaved" persons to join his ranks; Later he realized the potential threat enslaved persons could pose as infiltrators. Gen. Washington had little choice but to issue a counter-proclamation allowing ALL male persons of color to join the Patriot cause, irregardless of freedom status. Four direct ancestors of mine served in the revolution, ALL of Virginia regiments. Paul Heinegg and Ira Berlin places the number of colored American patriots at just below 9,000. Thank goodness DAR has taken steps to write the wrongs done these brave heroes & descendents. They WILLINGLY served this nation, as people of color have done in EVERY war this nation has fought. Under Geo. Washington's proclamation "enslaved" persons were promised freedom and 100 acres in return for their service. Sadly the families of these men remained enslaved. God bless our Black patriots...Forgotten no more!