Friday, April 16, 2010

Improve Your Job Search

"Improve Your Job Search" is a series of posts aimed at improving your ability to secure a job. Your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to post a comment. In this post, the focus will be on how to best utilize LinkedIn to find work.

Articles of Interest

"How Recruiters Search Using LinkedIn and What We Look For"
Have you used LinkedIn to get a job? If so, how complete is your profile? This article gives some tips and warnings of how to approach your LinkedIn profile.

Personal Note: From my personal experience, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, but make sure you are accurate with your profile or you will receive job opportunities that does not fit with what you are looking for.

How LinkedIn Will Fire Up Your Career
LinkedIn can be a good tool for your job search, especially for those who are still employed and looking for a better-paying job. This article goes over some "dos and donts" for LinkedIn and some background on how LinkedIn got started.

Tool For Success
Tool: Linkedin (
Description: A social networking website that is best known to help companies recruit new employees or find independent contractors.
Popular Features:
--create a profile, including work history and recommendations from others
--search for people in your network and groups
--find a job
--join a group (jobs are also posted within the groups)

Closing Words
If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, then I recommend getting one today. It can be a valuable tool for searching and receiving job opportunities. LinkedIn recognizes your social network up to three levels. That means the friends of your friends and the friends of their friends are accessible to you. Additionally, with permission, you can access anyone from a group. Groups are where you can benefit the most in your job search since they are catered towards a niche group of people (i.e. IT Professionals).

FYI, there are premium features on LinkedIn where you can invite other people, those that you don't know, to your network. Depending on how you want to use LinkedIn, a free account is sufficient for your job searching journey. Just like with any tool, LinkedIn must be used wisely or you will impede your success.

To Your Success,

Yusef Pogue

Math/Computer Tutor
Web Developer

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