Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another View: Relevance of Black History

Another View is a public television program that addresses issues specific to the vibrant African American community of Hampton Roads. Fridays at 9pm on WHRO HD15.1

The website is here: http://anotherview.tv/page/Video-Podcasts.aspx

In 1926 Carter G. Woodson created "Negro History Week" in response to the lack of African Americans being included in American History. In 2010, we celebrate Black History Month - but the question is, "Do we still need it?". Join our panelists, Gwendolyn Epps Pharr, Assistant Professor of History at Norfolk State University, and Austin, Tasha and Anthony Mitchell, all of Kendal Alexander Media Operations, for a lively discussion on the relevance of Black History Month. And - we'll take you to a neighborhood built for African Americans by African Americans and it's preserving its history for generations to come.

View the video here: http://anotherview.tv/videoplayer.aspx?file=146.mp4
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