Saturday, November 21, 2009

We need your feedback

Peace & prosperity,
This is against our norm for this blog. However, an exception is being made to solicit feedback.

The Imani Foundation recently received a site-sponsor for our annual Kwanzaa celebration. This event began in Portsmouth, moved to Norfolk State, and has been held at the Hunton YMCA for over 12 years (click here to read the event's history). This history is a blended history of Uhuru African American Cultural Society and the Imani Foundation (we held the 1st solely Imani Foundation Kwanzaa celebration at The Christian Temple in Noroflk in 1999). This sponsor, Christian Church Uniting, offered to provide the Imani Foundation with a location for the event. I accepted the offer on the behalf of the organization. The site will allow us to do everything we have always done without exception without the cost normally associated with the site rental. Attempts for fundraising have not placed our organizaion in a normal position to pay for the event. After promoting the event at the new site a few members of the community have expressed disagreement with the decision. We offer this letter in the blog. Members of the community are encouraged to provide thier feedback and opinion by leaving a comment. These comments will be reviewed in an upcoming meeting. Thanks in advance for your input. Leave your comments by posting them on our blog : .

Seko VArner, President
The Imani Foundation


From: Removed
Subject: Reflecting on the Spirit of Kwanzaa
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 18:45


Imani Foundation and the Hunton Y have withstood the test of time. The Hunton Y has done this much longer though. My idea is to invite the people of the Tidewater 'Park', right across the street from the Hunton Y, to come to the Kwanzaa Program. Times have changed. Our people are more interested in their culture but we need to reach out to them, too. Kwanzaa is a cultural activity to draw in those who are ready to receive the information. They are not against us, we just need to be in harmony with them. Sharing peace, love, and joy because we are one in the eyes of God. We are also interdependent and that is what we used to live by not too long ago. This principle is what helped us to be successful as a community.
Kujichagalia is self-determination and a part of the program could be for them to share testimonials on how they were determined to do something and/or how the Hunton Y helped them to be successful in life or any stories about the Hunton Y they may know or have heard over the years. I am sure the Hunton Y has a rich history.

Having your Kwanzaa program at the Hunton Y is a tradition. Living has its ups and downs, its cyclic. A part of living is to adapt to the changes. I saw the change you made in relation to the place for your Kwanzaa Program. So this is my response to that. For the financial need, one can ask for sponsors. Then collect their flyers into a booklet to give out to the attendees of the program. They could have a representative for their company at the program and share info about their company as a part of their sponsorship. We are creative, maybe your group can come up with some other ideas. The vision is to see the program a success. When one's mission is to "uplift people of African descent"; "use traditional African culture to improve the world"; "to our Creator, be true", "to thyself, be true"; "to they people, be true" and it is made to happen, you will get support from the Creator and the ancestors. It is time to reconnect with all who are ready to receive the light. We will be shown who they are.


A concerned member of the community.

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Brother OMi said...


I say this as a brother who loves the Imani Foundation, the community of Hampton Roads, and The Hunton YMCA.

from my experience, it seems that the other members of our beloved organization has done very little in finding sponsorship or raising other funds. This goes for the Hunton Y, who have shown little physical support for this event, and for the residents of Tidewater Park.

unless we come up with a creative way to raise funds, we are forced to do what we need to do to maintain the event.