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Playahata's Figures in Black History

Playahata's Figures in Black History Directory

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01) Carter G. Woodson
02) Narmer the Unifier
03) Benjamin Banneker
04) The Warrior Queen Gudit: Conqueror of Ethiopia
05) Blacks in the Revolutionary War: Patriots, Loyalists, and Maroons
06) Mansa Musa: Africa's Wealthiest King
07) Slave Revolts of the Antebellum South
08) St. Maurice, the Knight of the Holy Lance
09) Booker T. Washington: "The Most Powerful Negro in America"
10) Beyond The Mummy: Finding the Real Imhotep
11) Ida B. Wells: Anti-Lynching Crusader
12) Songhai: Africa's Largest Empire
13) W.E.B DuBois: The Souls of Black Folks
14) Great Zimbabwe: Houses of Stone
15) Marcus Garvey and UNIA
16) From Medieval Askum to Modern Ethiopia: Near 1,000 Years of Dynasty
17) Zora Neale Hurston - Novelist, Anthropologist, Folklorist
18) Africans in Medieval Europe: Part I Black-a-Moor Slaves, Soldiers, and Nobles
19) Elijah Muhammad
20) Africans in Medieval Europe: Part II - Perceptions and Legacy
21) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & The Civil Rights Movement
22) Kanem-Bornu & The Hausa States
23) Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz)
24) Ta-Set: The World's First Monarchy? 3800-3100BC
25) The Black Power Movement: Daughters and Sons of Malcolm
26) Gallery of African Kings & Queens Gallery I
27) Independence Leaders in Africa and the Caribbean
28) Gallery of African Kings & Queens Gallery II
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